How To Use A Braided Rug In The Hallway

Hallways are usually overlooked when it comes to decorating it. Therefore, a place can look incomplete and affect the overall aesthetics of the home. If you want to avoid the dull appearance, you must consider taking some steps to make the hallway attractive and pleasing. One of the fascinating ways is to place a braided rug in the entrance and eliminate the flat look of the space entirely. They come in a variety of colors to match the overall atmosphere and uplift it.

Advantages Of Using A Braided Rug:

Braided rugs, with their interwoven fabric, look ecstatic anywhere you place it; living room, dining area, bedroom, kitchen or wherever you wish to add detail to the atmosphere, you can always use a braided rug. It is an eye-catching rug with a fresh look. 

Apart from the qualities mentioned above, they protect your floor from the damage that can occur. For example, if a person walks in with mud on their shoes, the rug will protect the floor and the carpets. Braided rugs are made up of a material which makes them amazingly durable and very easy to clean. So, even if you have little-to-no experience with the cleaning of rugs, you would not have to worry. 

How To Use Braided Rugs In The Hallway:

Choosing to uplift your interior with a braided rug is a fair decision to make. Then you need to think about the area you want to place it because that will decide the appropriate rug type that you should choose. For a hallway, a circular-shaped braided rug would obviously not be an ideal choice as it will not cover much of the space. An oval or rectangular shaped rug is more likely to look best in the narrow hallways. It is always better to cover as much area as possible because it creates a balanced appearance that flows well altogether. 

However, if you already have a circular-shaped braided rug and want to put it to good use, you can work around it. One such way is to place three or four of them overlapping one another. It works best for hallways or even narrow corridors and gives a unique element to the atmosphere. Also, when you do that, considering the furnishings around the rug is also an important note to keep in mind. Specifically, you should ensure that everything is coherently working to complement the home aesthetic. It includes the accessories and colors you have in the hallway. If you can choose a rug that resonates the same energy as other elements in the hallway, you can get the best compliments.